Since 1990, Security Shredding, Inc has been meeting the data destruction needs of Maine people. In an ever-changing world of compliance and regulations, our goal is to offer you insurance - insurance that your information destruction will meet the most up-to-date compliance regulations; insurance to prevent identity theft; insurance that once your information is out of your hands, you no
longer have to worry. It's a given: Nobody wants to see his or her personal or financial information end up on someone else's doorstep!

You have worked hard to grow your business to what it is! Be it obtaining and maintaining accreditations, or just plain keeping your
business' good name, shouldn't you expect the same from your data destruction company?! We uphold the highest standards in the data destruction industry. Our information destruction specialists are on hand for any of your data destruction needs, both large and small. Remember that no amount of data to be destroyed is too small!

While providing the sophistication necessary in a field of increasing importance, we aren’t too big to keep in mind the personal needs of our clients. We work hard to custom fit a destruction plan that meets the individual needs of each business – large or small. Confidentiality is our business, and over the past decade and a half, we’ve become leaders in our industry. Shredding is our sole focus,
not a department or an “add on service.” This exclusivity has allowed us to stay keenly aware of the increasing privacy demands and regulations, so you don’t have to.

Sample Record Retention Schedule